About Oroweat®

Oroweat® is Bread Perfected®.

We believe there’s a lot to be said for a name. Oroweat bread, meaning “golden wheat,” is baked with the same love and wholesome goodness as it was when it was born in the ovens of a small baker in North Hollywood, CA in 1932. One may think starting a business right in the midst of the Great Depression isn’t exactly a solid business strategy, but what it actually did became a true testament to the dedication and hard work of its founders. Despite the hard times, what began with just a few hundred loaves of 100% whole wheat bread delivered door-to-door quickly grew to supermarkets as its premium quality and great taste captured the hearts – and taste buds of consumers.

That same heritage and tradition continues today with premium quality and taste remaining the cornerstone of all Oroweat bread varieties. Every loaf is baked with the finest ingredients and care from our bakers to provide the taste consumers love with the nutrition they feel good about. Oroweat breads are available in a wide variety that includes Healthfull®, Whole Grains, Country, and Rye, making Oroweat bread a tasty, nutritious choice for everyone.